Urgent Dental Supplies Offers Medical and Dental Supplies

Variety of High
Quality Products

We offer a vast amount of dental supplies and equipment. Our up-to-date knowledge of availability of products enables us to cater to your needs.


We are known for offering the top quality products, that the industry has to offer at prices lower than other suppliers. Every one of our clients can trust that they are receiving our best prices upfront.

Customer Service

We work in the dental care industry. We take the time to get to know you, and we always keep your best interests in mind when adding and adjusting products in our catalog.

About Us Established in 2018

Urgent Dental Supply was established to serve the dental professional’s needs with a focus on service. Established in 2018 after a renowned dentist in Los Angeles, California, was frustrated that necessary supplies could not be purchased on an emergency need now basis. Everything was to be ordered via websites and it would take from three to five days for delivery, with a premium shipping charge. With immediate service, we have made many dentists and their clients satisfied and happy.

Our Products Bibs 2 Ply Urgent Dental Supplies

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